This is especially dedicated to: Craig, Dina, Lyle, Nick, Thalia, Michel, Shane, Richard & Florian.

As I promised, this is the english part of my blog, dedicated to the persons I’ve just mentioned and to all who cannot speak swedish. It’s really no special page, it’s just here as a token of my appriciaton lol. 😉 And dont forget to comment in english! No swedish allowed on this page. Have fun.


4 svar to “English.”

  1. gosia Says:

    Hej. My name is gosia and i don´t like you for supporting Albanians in Kosovo. Have a good evening.

  2. elmilli Says:

    Men, Nils…. hmmm, varför ska Du ha en sida på engelska? Vissa vänner!? MEN, Du måste stava rätt!!!! Ajaja….vissa tokfel…

  3. elmilli Says:

    Aha, no Swedish allowed on this page, ok.
    I just read your page, and please, spell right!
    Swedish (major, majuscule)

    Have fun!

  4. J Says:

    Hi, Nils. My name is Morris. I’m from the UK. It’s so nice reading your posts. I can’t stop checking out your blog. Come on. Get on here and post some new shit! ;D


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